Your Healthy Choices

The Bullhead Health Club and Paragon Physical Therapy and Rehab are two businesses with the same mission: “To keep the citizens of the Tri-State area fit, active, and pain free so that they are able to maintain the highest quality of life possible”. Even though the manner in which they accomplish these goals may vary, both organizations acknowledge the value of each other in keeping our community members healthy and doing the activities that they enjoy.

The Bullhead Health Club is owned by Don Walker. With a background in Exercise Physiology, Don has 33 years of experience developing exercise programs designed specifically around an individual’s physical limitations and fitness goals. With 2 locations, one in Bullhead City (in the Riverview Mall), and one in Fort Mohave (just north of Joy Lane), they specialize in all aspects of exercise and fitness, weight loss and conditioning programs. Recently, Bullhead Health Club has added $80,000 in state-of-the-art cardiovascular equipment which all provides new fantastic movements for the club members, with very little or no joint stress. Working with some of the industry’s best exercise equipment makes exercise more enjoyable and even fun! Changing the community’s health and wellness has been the club’s commitment for the last 17 years. Bullhead Health Club Strength and Conditioning is the fitness facility that changes people’s lives. A facility open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, it’s a perfect fit for the person who wants to make real changes in their life. The staff is here to help by personalizing each and every one of their member’s needs.

Paragon Physical Therapy and Rehab is owned by Lori Petrik. Lori has been a licensed Physical Therapist for 25 years and 20 of those years have been spent treating citizens in this community. She specializes in treating pain and/or motion restrictions in the neck, back, and extremities whether caused by overuse, trauma, or the normal wear and tear associated with aging. For those experiencing joint pain or mobility issues, Physical Therapy is the place to start. Lori also has many years of experience treating neurological conditions such as stroke, Parkinson’s, and MS.
As a Physical Therapist, Lori strives to help patients regain pain-free movement which is crucial not only to their quality of life but also to their ability to earn a living or live independently. Along with Physical Therapy, Paragon also offers a Pulmonary Rehab program to benefit those suffering from respiratory issues such as COPD, Asthma, Emphysema, and Chronic Bronchitis. This program works to improve strength and endurance so that these individuals are able to walk and perform daily activities with decreased shortness of breath.

Both Don and Lori have come to trust each other’s professional background and skill in their respective field. A professional connection between Physical Therapists and Fitness Centers only makes sense. As Lori explains, “I stress to my patients that maintaining our bodies is a lifetime commitment. I always encourage them to continue their conditioning programs once they are discharged from Paragon at facilities such as the Bullhead Health Club. When I know which facility that they will be joining, I can talk with the trainers at these gyms to help design a program for this patient that will prevent re-injury and continue to progress them towards their goals”.

If being physically active throughout your life is important to you, let these businesses help you make this goal a reality. Combining the skills of these businesses offer members and patients more options, more professional care, and more results than ever before.

Contact Bullhead Health Club located at 2585 Miracle Mile, Suite 107 (in the Riverview Mall), or call 928-704-4610. Bullhead Health Club’s second location is located at 5401 Highway 95, Fort Mohave. Call 928-768- 1339.

Paragon Physical Therapy and Rehab located at 2350 Miracle Mile, Suite 370, call 928-444- 8168 or click