River’s Edge Golf Course

Golfers, area residents, civic/service fundraising organizations and visitors now have the opportunity to take advantage of the Golden Goose on the links for a mere, unheard of $30 for 18 holes of golf (includes the cart) on the scenic Needles Municipal Golf Course at 144 Marina Drive (immediate 1st left turn off at the bottom of the Needles Bridge coming from Highway 95 in Mohave Valley).

The golf course is open from dawn until dusk and – after 2:30 p.m. each day – golfers can play the entire 9 or 18 holes for a paltry total of $20 and golf bag rentals are $10 each, according to resident pro, Tom Russell, who oversees operation of the course. One of the unique aspects of the city-owned golf course are the six separate tees, designed, in part, to appeal to golfers who hit the ball less than 150 yards.

“I’ve got bright blue tees and orange tees available,” said Russell. “It makes the course much easier for them. They won’t have to swing the club as much. They’ll see lower scores and they’ll have fun,” he said. “I have a handicapped lady who has Parkinson’s. She could only play five or six holes at a time and then she would collapse on the couch,” he explained. “I had her tee off on the orange tee, and now she plays 18 holes and still has energy for the rest of the day. I’m so happy that happened and that’s a feat for anyone.” Russell said the Needles Municipal Golf Course “is set up as an executive course, so it is a little bit slower than the regulation courses.”

Another important aspect of the golf course under Russell’s management is a new, no cost Junior Needles Golf Academy, youth-oriented golf-training program for students from Needles High School. Since part of the golf course is situated on high school property, Russell wants to give back some educational value to the golf students at Needles High School. He launched the five-week, Junior Needles Golf Academy Jan. 26 and 27, basically for the Needles Unified School District for which Russell has worked out a positive arrangement resulting in free green fees for the students.

“So, I’m going to teach them how to play golf,” he said. Russell is a former PGA pro but is pondering renewing his certification because of his age.

Golfers from the Tri-State region after play on the Needles Municipal Golf Course may visit the popular pro shop and 19th Hole Bar & Grill, which offers a full line of alcoholic beverages and food menu with a scenic view overlooking the Colorado River. Russell reminds golfers that the city owned golf course is both a regulation championship golf course with a shorter executive course for newer players or linksters that don’t want to play on a regulation course.

To contact the Needles Municipal Golf Course, please call (760) 326-3931 and to contact the 19th Hole Bar & Grill, please call (760) 326-3343.