Richard Pagett Memorial Golf Tournament

On Saturday April 20, 2019 at Los Lagos Golf Club we will be hosting a Memorial Golf Tournament and Fund raiser in Richard Pagett’s Honor to benefit the Pagett family.

We ask for your participation and support.


Obituary: Richard James Pagett was called up to spend eternity in heaven with God on Monday, January 7, 2019, just seven days before his 33rd birthday. Loving, dedicated, genuine and thoughtful. Richard Pagett exemplified all of these traits, but he is best defined by his commitment to his family. If Richard was not at work you could find him spending time with his wife and children. No matter how long of a day he had at work or how tired he was wherever his children were when he came home, that is where you would find Richard. Most of the time this would take him to the soccer field where he loved watching his kids play. If you asked him to describe his greatest achievement in his life he would have pointed to his family. This Years Richard Pagett Memorial Golf Tournament and Fundraiser’s purpose is to raise funds benefiting the Pagett family in their time of great need. We need your support to help make this event a special one in Richard’s memory. Please consider donating, participating or sponsoring this event. The Pagett family needs our help and we would appreciate your generous contribution. Thank you in Advance for your support.