Meline Guerrero

By Teresa Anderson | Mohave High School Journalism Program

Do you ever just try something new and think, “Wow, I really like this” …only to find that the ‘novelty’ had turned into a life-long passion? Well, that’s what Meline Guerrero, a senior at Mohave High School, did one day years ago, and now art holds a very special place in her heart.

 Meline fell in love with the idea of, “making words with your hands that you can’t say with your mouth,” and she has been doing it ever since. She has tried many different artistic mediums, such as painting, ceramics, ink, and watercolor, but her favorite method is drawing, perhaps the result of her interest in comic book art.

“Art,” believes Meline, is about “being who you want to be” through the creations on the sketchbook or the canvas. She gained some of her confidence in her art with the help of the recently retired MHS art teacher, Mr. Mark Anderson: “He saw potential and always wanted me to keep going…and he was so accepting of whatever I wanted to make.”  Meline made the most of this encouragement and ended up taking second place in the Mohave Art Competition at MCC her sophomore year.

She has progressed come a long way since those early days of artistic acclaim and continues to stress the idea that the long hours of work behind a piece of art often go unnoticed. Meline actually claims that, “talent is just another word for practice” which is her way of saying that regardless of some people’s natural talent, it’s really the practice that gets a person to where he or she want to be. No matter what the filed, if an individual wants to succeed, then an attitude that says “Practice and keep going!” is a necessity.

  In fact, this coming fall Meline plans on attending ASU and majoring in Film & TV Production where she can hopefully create animations. Ms.Guerrero never wants to stop creating, and her greatest advice to others is to, “Never compare yourself to others… if you make something you don’t like, work on it until it looks the way you want it to, but never leave a work unsatisfied.”