Eleanora Arca

By: Mikayla Barton | Mohave High School Journalism Program

Moving to a new place, let alone a new country, can be quite difficult, but for TBird Eleanora Arca, playing volleyball has made this transition much easier.

Mohave’s foreign exchange student hails from Rome, Italy where she played volleyball for seven years. Excited to play here in the states and broaden her volleyball experience, Arca played varsity indoor volleyball in the fall and is now playing on the varsity beach volleyball team.

When Eleanora was young, she always looked up to her older sister who also plays volleyball, a “great athlete” who “never skipped practice” even when she broke her knee. Her extended Italian family as well as her host family in Bullhead have been constant supports for her athletic and academic endeavors, encouraging her to work hard and be her best. While she has been playing indoor longer, Arca likes beach volleyball better. With only two players on the court compared to six, there is “more responsibility” and “you have to be a good player at everything.”

Eleanora also says Bullhead’s naturally windy conditions make a big impact on the game, but she merely sees that as just another challenge she must overcome. Volleyball has taught Eleanora valuable lessons that extend far past the beach and the court. The long travel distances involved in competitive sports in Arizona forced her to organize her time better, as a senior on the team, Eleanora sees it as her responsibility to be a guide to younger players and give them tips on how to improve their skills, just as Coach Radic has done for her: “He has always believed in me and is very important to me.”

In the future, Eleanora hopes to come back to America and play volleyball in college. Arca encourages any hesitant potential athlete to get involved: “Go to open gym! The first step will always be the hardest step…once you do that, you can do anything.” This globe-trotting athlete has just loved being a part of the volleyball team and MHS community: “It’s one of the best things I’ve done…”