Do Something Good


I wonder what our world would be like if every person would find some way to do good every single day. What would our cities be like? What would our offices be like? What would our schools be like if we made it a priority to brighten somebody else’s day, to do something good for somebody else?

Every opportunity we have we should do something good for the people we meet. That means we need to be proactive by being on the lookout for opportunities to present ourselves in a positive, happy mood.

Ask yourself, “Who can I be good to today? Who can I do a favor for?” You can sit back and wait for a need to come to you, or you can make it happen. Give that extra tip to a kind, or not so kind, waitress. Let that extra car in the line when they are waiting to get out. Give your co-worker a helping hand by leaving money on their desk at work without your name on it.

If you see a friend wearing the same clothes over and over, get them a new suit or a new dress. Offer to pick up a co-worker if their car is broke down. Listen to what people are saying around you. Lend a helping hand during these hard times we are all encountering.

People know us by our actions, not by what we say. How do you think children learn how to be adults? They learn by watching us every day. I know of a family that is having a very hard time now with their daughters. The parents are not acting in a loving manner and the children are all upset and having a very difficult time coping with the problems.

We need to really watch what we say and do around children. Be happy, make their life easier. Think about how they will react to what you are doing and saying. Do something good during the Holidays and the New Year.

Let happiness shine through you!

Thank you,
Brie Tyler,