Opportunity of a Lifetime

When I applied to be an intern for Our Town Magazine in August, I had no idea what to expect. Would I be going on coffee runs for my bosses every day? Would I regret switching out of my high school comfort zone? I had never even interviewed people before working for Our Town, and I definitely never thought I’d be writing feature articles for so many different community members.
From the second I met Brie and Gerry, I could tell that they were wonderful people; over the past few months, they have treated me like family and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction to the journalism field.

I absolutely loved being an intern and am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to write for this magazine. Interviewing so many amazing people has really transformed the way I look at my town and Tri-State area as a whole. Some of our business leaders opened my eyes to the economic ebb and flow in the greater Bullhead City area, hidden to most teens; others had a much more personal touch. For instance, interviewing teacher Ava Smith brought a tear to my eye because her passion for teaching just touched my heart, while people like Doris Plough and Donna Duncan inspired me with their love for their careers.

As I prepare to graduate, I would like to especially thank all the people that helped me get this far. My parents were always willing to change their schedules around whenever I had to finish an article or do a last minute interview. Mr. Greene was there every step of the way, helping me edit my articles every month and offering advice even if he had other assignments to grade from his English classes. I would also like to thank every person I interviewed for being so quotable and kind. Lastly, I’d like to thank Brie, Gerry, and everyone else at the office for welcoming me to the team and always being so supportive. There are so many other people that deserve my thanks, but I would never have enough space to name them all. This entire internship has been an absolutely amazing experience, and I’m going to miss the Bullhead I’ve only recently gotten to know, despite living here for over 15 years.

Ashlyn Easley will be attending Northern Arizona University Honors College in the fall to study English with an emphasis in Creative Writing.

If you are going to be a senior at Mohave High School in the fall, have a flair for writing, and would be interested in being the magazine’s second-ever intern, please reach out to Ms. Covert in the guidance office.