Zounds Hearing Center

Hello, I am Lund Stucki, owner of Affordable Hearing Care. We have been in Mohave County serving you for over 15 years. We’re proud of that!

We offer all brands of hearing aids to suit individual needs. Our favorites are Zounds, Resound, Oticon, Unitron, and others. We are in our three offices every day to help you with your hearing aid needs. Our top priority is you, the customer. Our offices are in Kingman, Fort Mohave/Bullhead, and Lake Havasu City for better access to us. We are a family business and we just want to help you hear as well as you can. Of course, we want to keep you up-to-date on all new health concerns regarding your hearing.

A NEW HEALTH ALERT has been issued regarding untreated hearing loss. From the biggest and the best, we understand there is a much greater risk of Alzheimer and dementia, depression, falls, and even cardiovascular diseases. This comes from Johns Hopkins, Duke University, The Mayo Clinic, and other experts. There were numerous large studies over many years and the results were conclusive. The findings show for example that developing dementia with untreated hearing loss, increases your chances by 50%.

We can no longer take chances with our hearing so make it a priority to call today for your free exam.

Of course, we understand the biggest concern in getting hearing care is the costs associated with hearing aids. We’ve been working hard on that. We have hearing aids that can suit every budget. Let us help you find the solution. Often insurances are available and we can help you understand your benefits, as well as bill your insurance for you. Today can be the day.

One more caution, you’ll see all kinds of ads saying they can help you hear better for $20.00 or buy one get-one free, $149.00 like many mail order hearing aids. Ordering from the internet or offers of one size fits all. We have people come in every day wondering why they can’t hear with their mail order hearing aids. It’s always the same story like they can’t hear in noise or they can’t get them to stay in their ears. They can’t hear on the phone or can’t hear their wife or husband.

There are many reasons besides they didn’t get what they were promised. Above all, they can’t even get the hearing aid seller to help them. They don’t know where to turn which brings on constant frustration. Please, please don’t be fooled. Let us help before you waste your money.

Call or come by. We offer the lowest prices, the very best service, the most reasonable repairs, free cleaning, and we’re here in our offices every day to serve you. Let’s do this, but let’s do it the right way. I am Lund Stucki, owner of Affordable Hearing Care and we are here to serve you!