Welcome To Culver’s Restaurant

Article written by Ashlyn Easley, OTM Student Intern

“We stand out from other Quick Service restaurants because our beef is fresh–never frozen– and our frozen custard is made right here in the restaurant daily. We are also 100% committed to having excellent customer service and hospitality,” says Lori Deschene, owner of the Bullhead City Culver’s restaurant.

Culver’s opened in early February and has been incredibly popular with the locals. According to Deschene, “We wanted to wow the community, but they wowed us as well by making our grand opening the largest Culver’s opening in Arizona history.” After working as an accountant for Culver’s for thirteen years, Deschene decided it was time for a change and opened her own Culver’s franchise right here in Bullhead City. Currently, the restaurant has almost 20 full-time employees and 50 part-time employees, with ages ranging from 15 to 69 years old.

“We usually have a lot of teenage employees, so we were surprised to find so many people interested in full-time positions,” Deschene recalls, adding that she has a very “happy and energetic crew”.

Trevor, a manager at the restaurant, says, “I like that we have a fun, friendly work environment; everyone is always polite to each other and it really feels like we’re just a big, happy family.”

Besides having a great work environment, the Bullhead City Culver’s is also exceeding expectations compared to other branches within the Culver’s system: “Out of all the 689 restaurants in the system, our restaurant is ranked at number four.” Deschene and her crew pride themselves on holding such a coveted position and hope to improve even more as time goes by. Culver’s is open 10am to 10pm daily and is located at 3699 Hwy 95 #700 in Bullhead City, Arizona.