Valley Laundry and Cleaners: The Who’s Who of the Laundry Biz

In 1998 Leonard Olson and LeRoy Aman began construction on a strip mall across Highway 95 from the Safeway shop-ping center in Fort Mohave (@ Aztec & Highway 95). This center is the home of City Wide Insurance, Auto Lenders of Fort Mohave, Cuts & Curls Salon and Valley Laundry & Cleaners. These gentlemen, with a combined Laundromat experience of 85 + years, planned to build the largest, most modern Laundromat facility in Mohave County. Within the Valley Center, 6,000 square feet of space was dedicated to the construction of Valley Laundry & Cleaners. When you visit the Fort Mohave store, you will agree they did what they set out to do.

When planning and constructing Valley Laundry & Cleaners, their main objective was the customer’s convenience and efficiency. With them in mind they built wide aisles between the washers and enough dryers so that customers never have to wait to dry their laundry. They also knew customers would want an assortment of washers. To satisfy everyone’s needs there are small top load washers and giant, large capacity, 75 lb washers. There are also extractors available to get your clothes, towels, rugs, and blankets almost dry to avoid the long time it would normally take to dry them.

This store was designed to accommodate the need for folding clothes with plenty of folding tables and room for moving around. There are enough roll-around baskets to assist in transferring your laundry from the washing machines to the dryers. The goal here was to make doing laundry a pleasure and not a chore. The biggest and most innovating item is the elimination of quarters. A card system was installed on each machine. With the system that Valley Laundry offers, it is quite simple. You apply a value onto a Valley laundry card that is similar to a credit card and then use the card to start washers, buy soap, use the extractors or the dryers.

When done, you may keep the card with credit still remaining for the next visit or let the friendly staff refund you any remaining credit with cash. As prices went up and the need to carry larger amounts of quarters, doing laundry became cumber-some. This system is magical. No quarters needed, which was the newest innovation at the time.

Today LeRoy handles the laundromat and maintains the equipment with help from an assistant who cares for customers needs, maintains cleanliness, does fluff and fold and specializes in laundering com-forters and other large items for customers who need this service. Alteration services are avail-able as well as wash & fold. Valley Laundry is now offering WiFi for those persons who like to multitask.

Come in and experience Valley Laundry & Cleaners, conveniently located at 4768 S. Highway 95, Fort Mohave. Meet the staff, LeRoy (the owner), Debbie (the manager), Kathy, and Tina who strive to make it the cleanest most usable laundry in the area. It’s worth your drive. Are you driving a large vehicle or motor home? Not a problem, there is lots of parking space in the rear of Valley Laundry & Cleaners with a rear entry for your convenience. A cheerful and clean environment is always the goal of Valley Laundry and Cleaners.