Trina’s CBD Oil

Trina tried CBD products awhile back and had good results, so she wanted to do something to help others in our community. CBD can be very useful for a variety of issues, and she even uses it for her dog and cat. This is what inspired her to open Trina’s CBD and More.

She carries only quality products that are lab and third-party tested. She recently began carrying a new 900 mg CBD product in a mint form. If you don’t like the drops, this is the way to go.

CBD can help with anxiety, depression, and acts as an antipsychotic mood stabilizer for the brain. It reduce muscle spasms, offers pain relief, and reduces inflammation. It also helps stimulate growth and strength in bones. CBD has vasorelaxant properties for the eyes, which could be useful in the treatment of glaucoma. It can help prevent plaque build up in the heart and also aids in digestion by acting like a anti-prokinetic or anti-emetic and is effective against vomiting and nausea. CBD can also help with appetite control. It has also been known to reduce seizures, in some cases.

It also works for our furry friends!

Trina also carries non-infused products such as bath bombs and homeopathic products. You can find shirts, candles, koozies, plus other things she likes to do on her heat press. Soon, she will be adding new items to the store as well! So come on in and check out her store.

If she doesn’t have an answer for you regarding your situation, she will work hard to find it for you, saying “I love to learn, so lets learn together!”
Trina strives to create a welcoming atmosphere at her business and even her dog, Izzy, is there to greet customers. He may bark, especially if she is in the back of the store, but is friendly and loves people!

Trina’s CBD and More is located at 1812 on Highway 95 in Suite 10 or call her at 928-758-1300.
Trina would like to thank her repeat customers! Their loyalty is truly appreciated.