Local Author Publishes New Children’s Book

Written By Ashlyn Easley

“Both animals and people all have problems, and you should try to help them through those problems as best you can.” This is what author and Bullhead City local Doris A. Plough hopes readers take away from her new children’s book, My Dog Molly.

Doris’s path to author-ship started not, as one might expect, with a love of literature but with a love of art. After attending and graduating from an art school in Los Angeles, Doris was accepted into a special training class at Walt Disney Studios and was eventually mentored by Disney’s “Nine Old Men”, a group of the studio’s key founding animators. Doris went on to be an animator for several different studios in California, helping to animate classics such as He-Man and 101 Dalmatians.

After retiring from animation, Doris wrote her first children’s book, Aren’t We Cute?, in 2013 and moved to the Tri-State Area in 2015. She says, “I have always wanted to do children’s books. As an animator, I gravitate towards cartoons, and kids like cartoons, so it just made sense for me to write a children’s book.”

Doris published her second children’s book, My Dog Molly, this year as a special tribute to her own beloved pet of the same name: “Molly started having seizures when she was 12, and she continued to have seizures for two more years until she passed away. I knew I wanted to write something about her, and this book just came naturally to me. I really wanted it to be special, and I think it turned out to be,” Doris says. In addition to writing her books, Doris also uses her artistic talents to self-illustrate all of her works.

Doris urges people to “reach out to all animals in need” and continues to support various animal charities. She can usually be found painting and watching tennis as she brainstorms ideas for her next book.

You can purchase Doris’ books from amazon.com or from one of her local book signings.