Joy Starts In The Heart

Have you ever heard your spouse humming or whistling? Make melody in your heart even if things are bad. Don’t meditate on the bad things in life, focus on what good you can do today. Focus on the positive and not the negative. Find within you the peace and joy.

We all have bad thoughts, bad days, but if we dwell on them we will stay there. How would our attitude change if we did not take everything so seriously, and refocused, to allow every setback or disappointment depress us for weeks? How much better our lives could be if we’d simply keep the song of praise in our hearts. Maybe lately you have noticed that you don’t smile as much as usual; you don’t laugh much anymore. You have allowed the burden of life to weigh you down. Perhaps you have settled into enduring life and not really enjoying it. You don’t have the fire and enthusiasm you once had.

You can change all of this, but it requires a decision on your part. You must develop some new habits. Develop a habit of smiling on purpose. Even if you have problems and a lot of things going wrong. Sometimes we have to smile by our faith. If you do, soon the joy will follow. Smiling sends a message to your whole body that everything is going to be okay. When we smile, chemicals are released throughout our physical body, that makes you feel better. When you smile, it will help you at work as well as in your personal life. Smiling will help you deal with people better.

Studies show that people who smile, are friendly, pleasant, and get more breaks than people who don’t. Somebody has said, “your smile is a million-dollar asset.” If you’re not using it, you’re doing yourself a great disservice. When you smile people want what you have. They will want the happiness you have. So start smiling today!

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