Integrative Medicine: The Future of Healthcare

Article by Christina Goldstein-Charbonneau, D.O.

The future of healthcare in America has arrived. It’s still in its early adoption stage. Think of smart phones in 2003 com-pared to 2018. Everyone has now adopted smart phones just like every-one will eventually adopt the future of healthcare –Integrative Medicine. Our cur-rent healthcare system is bro-ken and the repair, Integrative Medicine, is rapidly being embraced.

To understand why our healthcare system is broken, let me give you a little back-ground. Healthcare in America, even as recent as the early 1900’s, used to include prevention, self-care, reliance on the body’s capabilities to heal, nutrition, and mind-body connections. We got off course when pharmaceutical companies took over medical schools and Residencies. Did you know that pharmaceutical companies paid for all kinds of equipment, textbooks, and even “taught” medical students how to prescribe medicine? For the past 50-60 years we’ve been pumping out medical students who basically know how to 1) Prescribe medicine and 2) Perform surgeries. In hindsight, it makes no sense, yet, there we were accepting everything that was taught. We had no idea we were becoming pawns for megacorporations instead of being taught how to make people healthy.

The good news is, this is now in the process of being corrected and we have current generations of doctors now receiving training in Integrative Medicine:

  • Prevention
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle
  • Mind and Body
  • Natural Remedies
  • Non-Invasive intervention

These topics are used in conjunction with standard conventional medicine and the results are phenomenal. There is now hope for returning our suffering population back to health. I was what is called an “early adopter” of this new direction in healthcare. I went back to school in 2010 and obtained a Fellowship in Integrative Medicine from the University of Arizona. I learned how to combine my former conventional medical doctor training (Disease Management) with Integrative Medicine (Patient Centered Management.) Both conventional disease management and patient centered management are necessary in treating the whole person.

Sounds good, but what does this mean in practical terms for patients here? This means we can help you feel good, get healthy and literally reverse health issues you may have been told were irreversible. There are many modalities to choose from in restoring patients back to health. It’s my job to listen to the patient and under-stand the underlying causes of concern. My conventional training allows me to observe and treat symptoms to keep the patient out of danger. My Integrative Medicine training is then used to assist in restoring overall health and educating the patient about how to maintain the good health.

Like most everyone who spent practically two decades becoming a physician, we did so because we wanted to improve the lives of our patients. Finally, we physicians are now able to make even more of a difference through adopting Integrative Medicine.

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