Embrace The Place Where You Are

Brie Tyler, Publisher

Do you ever feel like how do I get through this situation? Well, I guess we just take it one day at a time. You face your fears. You keep your promises. You deal with challenges. You get the best possible help and care…You turn to caring positive people you know will be there for you; your husband, your friend, your pastor, your church. You believe. You take steps, to change what needs changing. You talk it over with someone. You laugh. You go ahead and cry. You play. You stay involved. You live the best life you can today.

Do you ever notice that it is in the difficult times that we grow stronger? That’s when we are being stretched. That’s when God is developing our character and preparing us to get that family member taken care of, or our job taken care of. The key to passing the test is to remain in peace, at rest. When we are in peace we have power. When we are at rest, God can fight our battles for us.

I know I wear myself out, frustrated because I don’t call that business to advertise, or I have a situation that is hard to work through. Making the right choices are hard. It’s easy to keep complaining about the problem. I know I worry about my health and family members too much. I need to turn all that over to God and be willing to go though tough times with a good attitude. I pray I have the strength to endure whatever comes my way. Strength is a big thing in all our lives today. It is easy to not work through the situation. I pray God please give me the strength to go through this situation with a good attitude. Help me keep my joy. Help me keep my peace.

Our circumstances are not going to change until we change. If we have God inside our hearts we can withstand anything that comes our way. We should make a decision to turn the situation over to God and take the necessary steps to make the changes and stop worrying about it. Don’t allow it to dominate your thoughts and words, instead move to that place of peace and rest. We may not like it but we are growing when this happens to us.

Thank all of you for being so faithful to Our Town Magazine. You are why we are here. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Your Friend and Publisher, Brie Tyler