Burro Warning

The Bullhead City Police Department would like to caution drivers to watch out for burros and other wildlife on the Bullhead Parkway. Recently, the 9-1-1 Dispatch Center has received calls of high burro activity near the Bullhead Parkway, as well as Highway 68.

There have been a number of accidents in Bullhead City and the greater Mohave County where burros were struck and killed by vehicles. Burros are curious animals and occasionally cross the road. They are most likely to be encountered at night or in the early morning hours when it is dark out, which makes it difficult for drivers to see them.

According to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), burros have always lived in the desert region near the Parkway, which is home of the BLM’s Black Mountain Herd Management Area, and they tend to venture out more in cooler weather. Bullhead City has installed signs to remind motorists of the burros.

The speed limit on the Parkway is 50 miles an hour. Please be alert and aware of all desert animals. Residents are also urged to not feed the burros or other wildlife. It draws them to roadways and causes them to stay in the high traffic areas, putting them at risk.

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